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Calling all men to the Order of Good Cheer! You are invited to Champlain’s enormously popular dinner club party for an exciting evening of music, drama, eating and drinking. Are you bored and miserable this bitterly cold winter here in the New World? Come, cheer up, warm up, and forget all of your troubles! This week at Port Royal’s fabulous feast, you’ll hear of outrageous death-defying Huron adventures, and watch a fantastic French skit put on by Pierre de Powerful. You’ll also be able to have your fill of wild game and endless beverages, compliments of Francois the chef. Be brave, be encouraged, and come be involved!

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Social Studies First People's Jeopardy study game (download and play on your computer) NOTE:You could change the questions and answers to make your own quiz game on ANY topic!!)
external image First peoples jeopardy.ppt

Grammar Slammer Powerpoint game of pain

Here is the


powerpoint game to make studying more fun!
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Some of you were asking for the Science Video links that Mr. Penner showed you:

Honda - The Cog The making of The Cog The OK Go - Rube Goldberg music video

Mr.Penner Math Test (Here's what will be on the test!)
(students have been told to bring their notebooks and all assignments home for studying)

1) Data analysis-
1st hand and 2nd hand data, double bar graphs
know the 7 parts of a double bar graph

probability questions (such as "draw a spinner that has a likelihood of...")
Creating probability questions

Weather Jeopardy: Use this for fun or for studying for the weather test!


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The French in Canada
Did you know that Canada used to be called New France? We have lots of evidence in Canada and the U.S.A. from French explorers. Today, we learn French in schools, and Canada is Bilingual. Part of Canada was called New France. Some places in Canada and USA used to have French names like, Mont Royal (Montreal), and Ville d’etroit (Detroit). We have a car called the Cadillac, but did you know Cadillac was the name of a French man? So now you know that we have evidence from the French explorers!

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Study the transformations from math using this site:

know formulas for perimeter and area, and review any of your worksheets
use these website to practise:
perimeter and area
geoboards: perimeter and area

SKELETAL SYSTEM TEST: (know the bones on your worksheet!)
Study for Skeletal system test:
easy version of skeletal system

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