Homework posts for 07/08 (partial year)

Wednesday, June 11th
Math-do 16 adding questions
Computer-plan out your id card
Art-looney tunes due Friday

Thursday, June 6th
Math-Multiplication page (finish the second half- with the traditional method, and the box method if you choose)

Wednesday, June 4th
Math page 99 and 100
French- booklets and test
Forms returned: field trip (and $) and volunteer forms (If you were one)

Monday, June 2nd
Social Laps (make sure All is done with full effort!!)
Bring your running shoes in case we have more time to run this week

Friday, May 30th
Math-Geometry terms test Monday

Monday, May26th
Return forms
Good work on the projects!
math: make sure that you know how to measure and draw angles!

Friday, May 23
Bring back signed address change and Health forms
Science Projects, presentations, and Design drawings are due Monday! ...Should be exciting to see them!!

Wednesday, May 21
Math: memorize math terms (angle, vertex, congruent) and make sure previous ones are known as well)
French: test
*Science project due Monday!

Tuesday, May 20th
Math: Page 173 #7-15 (we did together...work just needed to be copied into nb)
Video paper (rate 1.2.3.)
*Science: Tpage

Friday, May 16th
-Math page 173 #1-6
-Social-Beaver Hat ad (wipe wet tea bag on it after crumpling it up-to give it an aged look)

Thursday, May 15th
-Cheese forms and $
-Math: page 171 t/b # 1,2,3,5,7
*-Science project due in a little over one week!

Wednesday, May 14th
-Bring back cheese forms and $$ by Friday am!
-Science: Arny Ant w/s
-Math: yellow chart
-Social: Fur Trade Timeline w/s, as well as motto and Logo

Monday, May 12th
-Math: the whole booklet on volume was due today, except for the last page.
-Math: at least one net should be done for tomorrow. Also make sure to memorize what edges, vertices and faces are.
-Science: Bring home project sheet and begin anytime.
-Social/computer: Make sure to finish your Cmap. (use recess time to complete if necessary- or transport by flash)

Monday, May 5th
-Math: first 2 pages
-Science: 2 'ramp' pages (inclined planes)
-Art- Bring 'Snips' if you can for Wed/ Thurs
-Social: Finish your pictures and be ready with an explanation for them too!
-French test Wed. Crossword puzzle page if not done already

Wednesday, April 30th,
Book Reports due tomorrow

Monday, April 28th
Science: finish notes
LA: organize India Booklet
Math: Memorize today's notes

Wednesday, April 23
*Bring Field Trip money

Tuesday, April 22
Math - Improper Fractions 2
Spelling Journals
Celeb Profile - Picture
- neat and outlined
Francais - sheets jours

Monday, April 21
Math - Adding Fractions C, Subtracting Fractions A,B, and 1.
Francais - sheets jours

Thursday, April 17th
Math - Fraction Sheet

Tuesday, April 15th
ELA - Zany Poem (Good Copy)
SS - Friends and Foes
India - T & F questions (good copies) - Answer key and details
Monday, April 14th
Math - Fractions Booklet (adding fractions) - side 1 and 2
ELA - 5-senses poem - good copy
SS - finish ''Order of Good Cheer'' article

Thursday, April 10th
SS - finish Filles du Roi Advertisement (good copy)
1. In Pencil
2. Black Pen
3. Colour
LA - Good copy of the Recipe Poem
Return 2 notes- Red page, and FIELD TRIP note!!
THANK YOU to the parents who made and bought snacks for Mr. Neufeld's Birthday party!!
We had a wonderful time, and the food was AMAZING! ~Ms. K.

Wednesday, April 9th
LA-Zany words
SS- Project Nouvell France Short quiz
Fraction Party Quiz tomorrow
French Quiz

Tuesday, April 8th
March Book Reports due tomorrow!!
Bring home and return 2 notes- Red page, and FIELD TRIP note!!
Social notes (catch up with a friend's notes if you are behind)
French worksheet

Monday, April 7th
March Book reports due Wed.
Math-Fraction fight
ELA-Recipe Poem rough copy, and finish other good copies (found poem, computer print poem, concrete poem)

Friday, Mar. 28th
Have a MARVELOUS Spring Break ~

Thursday, Mar. 27th
Social Studies - Explorer Scripts are due, bring Fact Puzzles from home
LA - finish your Found Poem
TUSC Tomorrow!!!
*Book Reports (due after Spring Break)
Wear BLACK and WHITE tomorrow. Bring dairy for snack.

Wednesday, Mar.26th
Show/Tell- Mary Rose, Markus
Math- Equiv. Fractions (the whole page)
French- Quiz
Wear one colour, and bring grains for snack

Tuesday, Mar. 25
Show/Tell - Andrew, Jordan, Sydney
Math - Equivalent Fractions Practice - #3
French - worksheet
LA - Concrete Poem - Good copy
Tomorrow is WEAR A HAT DAY!
Bring a protein snack
(cheese, hard-boiled egg, meat)

Monday, Mar. 24th
Show/Tell- Josh, Noah, Andrew
Math - Equivalent Fractions Practice - #2
Social-Leif Ericsson Map

Thursday, Mar. 21
Show/Tell - Reuben, Tyler, Darwin
Grammar - 2 pages
*bring veggies for Monday lunch
*wear green, orange, yellow shirts on Monday
Have a wonderful Easter weekend!!

Wednesday, Mar. 19th
Show/Tell Math- Dakota, Vitali, Tommy
Social- compile notes
Math- Finish page 61

Tuesday, Mar 18
Show/Tell Math - Kyler, Raechell, Agnes
Math - pg 63, 62

Monday, Mar 17
Show/Tell Math - Janaya, Eddy, Agnes
Math - pg 64
French - Test
Spelling - Catch-up

Friday, Mar 14
Show/Tell math- Evita, Brayden, Annetta
Math- Equivalent fraction Hunt (EFH)
Spelling work and test held over until Monday

Thursday, Mar 13
Show/Tell Math- Manan, Jonah, Dryden
Spelling- Unit 15 Booklet and test tomorrow
TUSC- tomorrow afternoon (Ms.K will be watching!)

Wednesday, Mar 12th
Show/Tell- Bea, Kim, Celine
Francais- calendrier
Spelling- 2 or 3 sides
Social Studies- catch up with class notes (from a friend) if you're not done.
Yellow and White math booklets are overdue! (hand in still...even if late)

Friday, Mar 7th
Have a great long weekend! Ms. Kaethler will be here on Tuesday!
We will work on Toondoos and finish our letters to Mrs. Joyce Barkhouse next week!
No homework, unless you are behind in work.

Thursday, Mar 6th
Tusc will be held over until next Friday
Math: white time booklets (all pages) due
Any incompletes / work overdue needs to be in by tomorrow! (last chance for report marks)

Monday, Mar 3rd
Math- 2 pages of white clock booklet
Spelling-Catch up with spelling journal
ELA- Finish Poems and do a second one if you wish
ELA- (forgot to write this one on the board) Guided Reading Booklets

Friday, Feb 29th
Finish art-Rubix Cubes
Math-Complete Time booklet
Check out toondoo.com (Get a membership if you can. If you don't have an email account, sign up for a free one first, and then get a membership with toondoo.)

Thursday, Feb.28th
TUSC tomorrow! 4/5S will be watching!
Book Reports due tomorrow
Bring wiki note home to your parents

Wednesday, Feb.27th
Science: Weather test tomorrow (study using n/b work, textbook pages)
Spelling: Unit 13 test tomorrow
TUSC: (We're doing Tusc Friday) But...speeches should be written up by tomorrow, and work should be almost entirely complete.
*Monthly book reports are due Friday!

Tuesday, Feb.26th:
No other homework assigned, but math test is still tomorrow!

Monday, Feb.25th:
Math: Do some of the questions on the Green booklet, and the yellow w/s to help study for the test Wed.
Science: Complete as much of Pink matching page as you can
French: Mois de l'annes

Friday, Feb.21st:
Science Weather test coming up next week (likely Thursday)
Math: test...changed to Wed.
NOTE: 5 students have an incomplete Jan. Book report still

Thursday, Feb.20th:
ELA: Re-test on Peer editing assignment
Math: test coming up on Tuesday! (measurement-distance, perimeter area)