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Memories / Thoughts / or Questions You'll "Walk Away With"

Please write here what you have learned while reading and discussing the information in this book.
Leave this Example and add more: It is very important to listen to your parents because they might have good reasons why you shouldn't do something, even if you don't understand them. The example in this book is where Louis should have listened to his father and not played on his workbench. He wouldn't have hurt his eyes had he listened. (...but of course, we wouldn't have braille either then would we?)

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Main Characters...

Louis Braille-Disobeying, studious

Simon Braille-Caring,responsible

Manique Braille-Caring,Careful

Reading Level: R


Dormitory- a building or college.

Deliberately- carefully weighed or considered.

Scholarship- some money or knovlays or other stuff that goes to a student..

Ancestors- a person from who acended

Emboss- to raise or represent.

Stylus- an instrument for writing letters.

Prominent- standing out so as to be seen easliy; consp

Dictate-To tell someone about something out loud.