Math Links

Math glossary

Multiple topics:

miscellaneous games: Hooda Math
Math Frog- A variety of math topics
interactive math games-various topics ( topics include: adding, angles, time, coordinates, estimating, fractions, even and odd, percentages, multiplication, skip counting,
Conversions / calculations site:
Cool math for kids
Math Dictionary
Rainforest maths
Math videos online
AAA Math- A variety of math topics
A collection of links
Add subtract multiply divide practise
Like a textbook of info-some questions too

Place Value
Pirates game (with decimals)
expanded notation and place value calculator game:
several games on this site
kid rap video on place value
same video from teacher tube:

Prime numbers video

Word Problems
Shooting hoops bball- multiple step problems (challenging)

Addition and subtraction:
"Add-em-up" a strategy addition grid game:
Visualize carrying addition:
Mental adding activity (med)
Visualize borrowing

Times grid game
Timestable Practice Games
Gamequarium Multiplication Games cartoon multiplication song kid explains how easy multiplication can be... how to simplify the multiplication chart!6,7,8,9 times tables tricks one
play a dart game to practise annexing with multiplication (using zeros)

use this have students practice division facts and then print out their results by clicking on report results
*Snork's Practice LONG division
Checking divisibility activity
Divisibility tricks and rules
Factor trees and Prime Factors:
Abbot and Costello maths problem
Division Tunnel Blaster!
Mystery Picture Division

Statistics and Probability
Probability - Deal or No Deal:

Estimation 180
Estimating using a number line:

My learning at home (Fractions)
mathman (pacman fractions)
fraction quiz
fraction memory match
fraction picture quiz
Mr.Waldners's links
making equivalent fractions:
Fractions tutorials
Fraction Frenzy
Fresh Baked Fractions
Equivalent Fractions Practice
Comparing Fractions
Compare Fractions
Guess the Fraction
Gramy and Grampy
Create the Fraction on the Number Line
(General Fraction Practice)

Fractions, percents, decimals
a variety of games:

Measurement/ Shape and Space:

2d Shapes facts
Sorting quadrilaterals
perimeter and area
geoboards: perimeter and area
3-d Shapes
Practise measuring in cm
converting units Metres to KM quiz-
Transformations: translations reflections rotations
More transformations:
viscosity "design art"
tessellations Try making patterns here!
class clock for teaching time (excellent)

Buy-it (3 levels of working with money)


Degrees in an angle
measuring and estimating degrees in an angle (game) (see file on computer- reminders)
***you need a clear plastic protractor to use with this game!!!!

Simple site to make graphs (can easily be emailed to people)

Teaching and practising coordinates
positive and negative numbers (hard)

Hockey Draft: