Please do not press "Edit this Page" on any of the pages if you have not read the posting information and instructions. Thanks!

Posting information / Rules:

-Please use the navigation bar on the left to get from one page to another, and press the edit button to add to, or update a page.
-Remember to link every word you can to a different page (If a page already exists for that topic)
-Use headings to label different sections, and keep things neat and organized.
-Never Copy and Paste from the Internet, or type in exactly what you read from a book. (That is called Plagiarism)
-Make sure to type in the location of where you got your information. (This is called citing something)

Please DO NOT click on:
ALSO...DO NOT edit the navigation bar...Thanks!
...you can't edit the homework page! (aawwww!)
Using this Wiki Web Page is pretty easy to do if you know a few things:

Wikispaces general instructions page (to find out about anything else that's not listed on this page)

Getting around (Navigation)

-To get from one spot to the next, you can click on the linked words on the left hand side (navigation bar)
-To get to Mr. Neufeld's home page, you can click on the class picture, or the words in the Navigation bar on the left.

To Edit a page

-click on the "edit this page" logo in a green oval.
-Now you will see all of the information that WAS already in there.
-Move the cursor where you want to add information, and then start typing!
-Please don't change anyone else's information unless it is incorrect, or you have asked them if it is ok.
-If you have accidently done something wrong, just DON'T press save. Then the information will be just like it was before!
-When you have done a careful job adding information, and are done, press the SAVE button at the top right of the editing screen.

Adding Pictures and Files

1) Click on Edit this page, and put your username under the question you answered.
2) Click on the little icon with the picture of the tree on it (above)
3) Click Browse to find the picture or file you saved on your computer
4) Click upload to put your file that your browsed for, into the Wiki "Resourse List"
5) NOW...very important...click your mouse (put the cursor) after your username that you typed into the wiki, because then the computer knows where to put the link.
6) Double click on the file you uploaded, and there will be a link created to it.
7) Don't forget to click SAVE!
8) Wammmo! (you're done!)

Linking words to other things:
-internet pictures/ information/ websites
-files that you have prepared (and checked with your teacher about)