Parents: Please also note the "Check'n up on U" section"

Note: a star (*) implies that work is due SOON but NOT the next day!
Students put a check-mark if item is already complete.
? means an optional item

April 18th
SS-Finish Native homes coloring page

April 16th
Social- Church/school/hospital article (EDIT TOO!)
Bring journal home to show your parents the editing page! (must be signed!)
*Math yellow sheet

April 13

Social- Catch-up (any incomplete articles)
ELA- Island Story catch-up

April 5th
Social Seigneurial System article and art (edit it using the 1/2 sheet in your journal)

March 23
Social- C-map
ELA Story (and illustrations)

March 22
Social- Gov. Concept Map (New France Assignment #4)
Home Reading

March 21
Social- Land Use/ Points of View Article (NF assignment #3)

March 20
Social- Order of Good Cheer Article (and illustration/ title)
(this is NF assignment #2)
Home Reading (record on your calendar)

March 19th
Social Map (label and color- NF assignment #1)
Home Reading (use your H.R. calendar!)

Jan. 8th
ELA- Bring home Reading Calendar (Begins TONIGHT!)

Dec. 15th
ELA- Dreamer yellow booklet (all)
ELA- Schooled Booklet (all except #30 and last page)

Dec. 8th
Social test Monday! Study by: Reading papers over & using online Jeopardy game

Dec 7th

Social test Monday
Read SS textbook pg
Schooled ch 19-25 questions
Art- Cabin scene

Nov 27th
ELA- Character Traits Web
Math- homework page & review long division
*Social- Google Slides (presentations Wed!)
*Science (cooking video! due Monday)

Nov. 17th
Home reading
SS- Google slides due next week
SS- Homes projects due soon
Math- home worksheet (yellow)
*Science- food video (permission slip due Wed.)
Typing- 5 levels complete!

Nov 10th
Social- SS Google slides projects
ELA- Home Reading

Nov 7th
Social- Tell parents about Indigenous homes project
Social- Show parents Google Slides assignment

Nov. 6th
ELA- Schooled Questions (chapter 7-12) Bring them back to school tomorrow!
Social- Bring booklets home

Nov. 3rd
Social-Complete 1 Google Slides page each (or more)
ELA- Bring Grammar tests home to show your parents
Bring home Oct. and Nov. reading calendars

Nov. 1st
Many Home reading Calendars are not handed in yet
Grammar Word Splash test tomorrow (only 5 people studied!)
Social- Read your region pages twice

Oct. 31
Please return Oct. Home reading calendar
bring Social studies test home
Try to complete at least 3 levels of typingweb (or more)

Oct 27th
ELA- Study your grammar word splash (Test Wednesday)
Home reading

Oct. 25th
Social test tomorrow! (study Ice age booklet and maps)

Oct. 23rd
Social test Thursday (Study booklet, regions map, and lakes/rivers map)

Oct. 19th
Social- Finish coloring and labeling map (study- test next week!)
ELA- Get Meaning of Home note signed and type up paragraph (Google Drive)
ELA- Schooled ch.1-6 questions
Art- Rubik's Cube (outline and color)

Oct. 17th
Home reading!
Alexa, Duc, Danielle, Claudio- (Biography papers are late!)

Oct. 13th
Physical Regions map and memorize
?optional Coloring contest due
Strengths survey (see link on main page)

Oct. 6th
Coloring contest due Wednesday
Home reading
Meaning of Home write-up

Oct. 4th
Bring home Oct. Reading calendar.
Bring overdue Sept. Reading calendar to Mr.N. as well as any late Biography assignments

Social- 2 maps and question pages
ELA- Home reading Calendar due Monday!
Math- get paper signed by parents
ELA- Study Grammar word splash
ELA- Finish 3 pink biography pages
? Parents sign note saying you answered CHECK-UP Questions on Website

Sept 19th:
Art-Iris Art (paper folding) !Must be on bulletin board by Wed. to begin NEW art assignment!
ELA- 1 or 2 biography pages (depending on how long the book was that your group is reading)
*Half of the Parent/ Caregiver goals sheets are handed in! (THANKS..hint hint nudge nudge)
? Challenge!

Sept 20
Social Ice Age Booklet pages

Typing program (~15 min)
Home reading
? Corn maze permission form

Sept. 13
Home Reading!
Get Corn Maze Permission form signed

Sept. 12
tomorrow picture day!
Strong Connections day: 15 or 18
*Green math sheet

Class pet group leaders are: Kendall, Sarah, Brooklyn, Emily
Home reading calendars go home tomorrow
!You-nique Bag incomplete: Aidan, Claudio, Samantha, Neveah, Jayce, Jasmyn, Dylan, Xander

You-nique bag (if you haven't presented yet)
Desk Name tag
*Parent Goals page
? locks or stick-bugs

Sept. 6th
You-Nique Bag supplies
*Desk Name tag
? practice lock
? Research stick-bug habitat and foods (class pet to come when ready)