Guided Reading Novel Studies:

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Every group chose to read a fiction novel this time, so the assignments are as follows:
1) Complete the Guided Reading Paper Booklet
2) Wiki Jobs:
-List other books written by the author
-Reading Level
-Upload an image of the book (small)
-Vocabulary (about 10-20 interesting/new words & definitions in your own words.)
-Characters (list main characters with `2 character traits for each)(*see character trait list page for examples)
-Plot (write 4-8 brief statements to convey the gist of the plot)
-Link your novel picture to the author's website

Back To The Titanic

by Beatrice Gormley

Out of Darkness

by Russell Freedman

Pirates Don't Wear Pink Sunglasses

by Debby Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones

Snow Treasure

by Marie McSwigan

SOS Titanic

by Eve Bunting

The Bush Bunyip

by Bronwen Scarffe

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Grizzly Bear
The Great Kapok Tree
Underwater Treasures
Ice Hotel
Sun At Midnight