Herbivores, Carnivores, omnivores, predator, Prey
1) Read about Herbivores, Omnivores and Carnivores,
2) make a list for each one in your paper booklet.
3) SHOW MR.N. your paper booklet with the answers
4) Then play the Animal Diet Game to see what you remember.
5) What makes a good predator? (write down the four things on the side of booklet page 19)
6) Check to see what happens with rabbit and wolf populations in a habitat.
7) Now Play one of the Related Games at this website: (making food chains or choosing producer/consumer/decomposers)

St.Francois Xavier Grade four links:

Habitats: Create 2 food chains (sorter 1 and 2) and take the quiz. Show me when you're done. Tell me what the map shows Write down the eco fact of the day Play these games: Chain Reaction, animal adaptations
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