Christmas Around The World
Merry Christmas!
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Work with a partner. Have 1 person search for the answer, and the other use Google Maps to locate each country!

1. What kind of trees are decorated at Christmas time in India?
Find Answer: Christmas in India

2. Christmas trees are not commonly used in Greece. What is the main symbol of the season in most Greek homes?
Find Answer: Christmas in Greece

3. In Holland, what do children leave in their shoes as a gift for Sinterklaas's horse?
Find Answer: Christmas in Holland

4. Mattak, a special delicacy, is eaten in Greenland at Christmas. What is mattak made from and what do people say it tastes like?

Find Answer: Christmas in Greenland

5. In Sweden, families often have _ made out of straw that guard their Christmas tree. What is it?
Find Answer: Christmas in Sweden

6. In Japan, do kids go to school on Christmas Day?
Find Answer: Christmas in Japan

7. What is the date of Christmas Day in Serbia? (Hint: It's not December 25!)
Find Answer: Christmas in Serbia

8. A Russian tradition is to on Christmas Eve until the first star has appeared in the sky.
Find Answer: Christmas in Russia

9.Who do people in Poland often leave an empty space for at their table at Christmas time?
Find Answer: Christmas in Poland

10.What can people be found smashing in Mexico at Christmas?
Find Answer: Mexican Christmas Traditions

11. According to tradition in Belgium, how does St. Nicholas get around to give gifts?
Find Answer: **Christmas in Belgium**

12. Who brings gifts for good children in Italy?
Internet Resource: **Christmas in Italy**

13. What are "chicken bones" in Canadian Christmas celebrations?
Find Answer: **Christmas in Canada**

14. What do Greek children sometimes carry when they go caroling?
Internet Resource: **Christmas in Greece**

15. Why does the country of Norway give a big Christmas tree to the United Kingdom each year?
Internet Resource: **Christmas in Norway**

16. In the Czech Republic, "Little Jesus", or as they say, "Jezisek", leaves presents under the tree. What is the sound kids hear when he leaves?
Internet Resource: **Christmas in the Czech Republic**

17. What foods do families in Switzerland share after the traditional midnight mass?
Internet Resource: **Swiss Christmas**

18. Why do children in Spain fill their shoes with straw and put them outside on January 5?
Internet Resource: **Spanish Christmas Traditions**

19. In Hungary, children don't use stockings, but they rather leave out their best ___ to get filled with candy.
Internet Resource: **Christmas in Hungary**