Is your child sleeping during class?

Parents: "What you can check up on" with your child:

*This page is designed to help stimulate discussion with your child regarding school.

If they can't answer the questions, they may need extra assistance.
If they suggest that the information was not covered in class, then you know they were sleeping!

What are your roles for TUSC? (see schedule- will be updated soon)
How long do your speeches for TUSC have to be? (2-3 minutes)
What are we studying in Social Studies now? (Early European Explorers, Vikings, Age of Discovery)
Have you received a Knights Honor card this school year yet? Do you remember what it was for?

Did you show your parents the result from the Social test?
Have you studied for your Grammar "word splash" test yet?

What project are we doing in SS, and what region are you studying?
What are the topics of slides that YOU are working on for your group?
Name 5 characters from the Novel Schooled

What are "Map wars"?
What is "Grammar Bomb" and have you studied at home yet?
Have you told your parents about slime or scribble robots?
Will you remember to call the homes that bought veggies from you? (They might need to be reminded to pick them up)
Tell your parents if you help to add marbles or remove them. (you'll have to explain what that means)
Tell your parents about the "How to improve your writing" page that you glued into your journal at school. (See below)
How To Check Your OWN Work…
Read your writing quietly and s l o w l y (but out loud) to yourself. If something doesn’t sound right, then change it. Re-read it after changing it to make sure!
Count how many words are in every sentence. Put the number on top of each sentence using your red pen. (sentences should be about 6-18 words)
Make sure that every sentence has a capital and a period. (full-stop)
Have you indented (thumb space) for every paragraph?
Did you use the margin for every line?
Underline your connector words (AND, OR, BUT, BECAUSE or SO) Now check if you have a comma before each one of them. (usually you should)
Make a list of the first words in every sentence. (Write this list in the margin.) If you have the same word too many times, change some of them.
NEVER begin a sentence with connector words like “AND, OR, BUT, BECAUSE or SO” etc.
Check the first sentence in every paragraph. (topic sentences) Are they interesting? (grabby) Do you also have an ending sentence?
Circle the words you’re not sure of (spelling) and do one of these things:
(1) Sound it out and look it up in a dictionary (or google or
(2) ask a friend or
(3) ask Mr. N.

What are the 6 physical regions of Canada?
What is the name of the Land Bridge?
Who is giving us $10 each for our ELA paragraphs?
What is the name of the Novel we are reading currently as a class?
Name 3 characters from the novel we are reading currently

Tell your parents which 3 people you have read about for your biographies. (Students should all be finished at least 2, maybe 3 pink biography pages)
What is Orange day about?
What did you write on your "orange hand"?
What are the "marbles" all about?
What are the steps to bumping in volleyball that we talked about?
"slap (hands),thumbs (together),lock (elbows), lean (don't just swing")

What is Grammar Bomb? (I basically just introduced this grammar terms/ review game)
Which biography did you choose to read with your partner? Show your parents what you've learned and written down so far. (students should be finished or almost finished one sheet by now)
From Social Studies...In what ways do we learn about the past? (historians, archaeologists, geologists, linguists, geographers, museum curators, elders etc.- See booklet)
Is your Iris Art on the bulletin board yet?

Start of Year...
-Who sits beside you in class?
-What are your teachers' names? (homeroom, French, Science, Music)
-Who are the principals? (Mrs. Rebizant and Mr. A.J. Neufeld)
-Who is the Educational Assistant that helps in our class? (Mrs. Sulak)
-What is the You-Nique Bag and what are you going to bring? (ELA speaking activity- like a more in-depth show'N tell)
-What do these words mean: Genres, Biography and explain what we are doing with them. (writing-partner bios, reading various biographical books with partners and listening to a novel read aloud called "Out of Darkness"
-What special type of book did you get to "feel" (braille- writing for the blind)

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