Pit Pony Chapter Summaries Page

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Chapter One:

It was Willie's birthday, and he arrived at home late again because he was watching the Sable Island Horses.

Chapter Two:

Willie always hurried home from school because he didn't want to get in trouble. Gem ran away from the stable's so Willie had to run after her. It was already to dark for Willie to go home so he slept in Charley's barn.

Chapter Three:

Charley found Willie in his barn. Charley gave his cat and Willie some warm milk. Willie and Charley went to Charley's turnip field to pick turnips. Willie also found Gem by the brook!

Chapter Four:

Charley said that Gem had a big belly! When Wllie got back to his house he found out that his dad's best friend had died in the coal mine accident. And Willlie 's dad and John were injured.

Chapter Five:

Willie works as a trapper in the mines. Willie met Ned Hall who was a driver and became friends. Willie worked in the mine which was was under the Atlantic Ocean . Willie and Simon work together. Ned Hall told Willie everything he needed to know about the mines. Willie wants to be a driver so he can ride Gem(horse) . They got tags and returned them at the end of the day.

Chapter Six:

Charley comes over with a bag of vegetables to give to the Maclean family. He went to church and looked for Gem after. Willie is worried about Gem working in the mines and then he gets to go to the stable. He sees Gem in the pit and Ned tells him he might be able to drive Gem.

Chapter Seven:

Ned teaches Willie how to be a driver. Charley comes to Willie's house. Charley was proud Willie was going to be a driver. Willie got his first paycheck. He got $2.47 on his first paycheck. Simon stole Willie's piece can with his money in it!

Chapter Eight:

Willie's grandma was telling a story to Sara and Maggie. Then Simon took John's piece-can, John was furious. Later Willie had a bath & had had supper. Then Willie & Simon had an argument .Then Willie avoided Simon for the rest of the week.

Chapter Nine:

Fibber was whipping Gem because she wouldn't let him ride her. There was an explosion in the mine, Simon was stuck, Willie heard him and came in to save him. Gem came in and Willie passed out.

Chapter Ten:

Willie was unconscious. He is a hero. Simon came to Willie's house to say thanks. Simon gave back the piece can . Gem died Willie cried. Gem had a foal. Willie doesn't want the foal to become a pit pony.