(THIS PAGE was intended for teacher use only but will be developed into the new course outline page)
The weebly link below was to be the main site for Grade Nine Advanced computers before Weebly was blocked through HSD:
(This site still available at home)
viewing site: http://g9aict.weebly.com/index.html
editing site: http://www.weebly.com/weebly/main.php

curric sites:

Students us inbox to hand in assignments

Ideas also from: http://www.cacourses.com/ICT15F/content.html see also other outlines at bottom
an example of skills checklist/ rubrics

idea- as the year goes on, have students create their own tests for a topic using google docs etc. and post to their website for me to also use as assessment.
Go through course outline and possibilities/ expectation etc. Then immediately begin with Gimp as below:

middle ages tech support-funny

splats wording g9aict.jpg
stand out wording2 g9aict.jpg
shadow name test gimp.jpg
make gif for own website (like above) or wiki that we'll use (as done in tutorial below)
or this one for splash text
or this one for popout text
this one for supernova text
2-3 weeks?
Gimp fire tutorial. It introduces the paint brushes and smudging

learn basic html and insert graphic? or use wiki (created for each student) and post images
?? (or each student edits their own page of MY G9ICT wiki ONLY)

look into Weebly (website making) and Fireworks (to make a mouse-over file to incorporate into website)

Teach basic Wiki skills and compare to Blogs etc.

or http://g9aict.weebly.com/

FIREWORKS tutorial on how to make rollover navigation (buttons) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-udxVMdBLY
Fireworks tutorial advanced image selection replacement for buttons http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCoLMCxMjhg
Also see this website for exporting file to a format that MIGHT work in weebly- TEST it! http://bcicommtech11-12.weebly.com/web-site-fireworks.html

watch what is a wiki: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dnL00TdmLY
and what is a blog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN2I1pWXjXI
google docs?
students customize and set up their own wikis. OR use weebly?? use it more to decide first. Check that it's NOT blocked from HSD
?Ask students to post not only their assignments but also the assignment outlines together with them?

Do additional Gimp activities:
-fixing up an old photo
-creating a larger than life image (of 2 or more existing photos combined to create a new unreal image)
polar bear on road http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQNHMwsimwM&feature=relmfu
or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQNHMwsimwM&feature=related
extremely difficult example of combining photos
pictures onto a cube? etc.

then introduce 2d animation:
Ideas also from: http://www.cacourses.com/ICT15F/content.html
Create a THAUMATROPE or a FLIPBOOK (not with computer)

-use Gimp for a simple animation like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-9_HwRcd1A
-then use PIVOT for an animation (CHECK if we have it in the lab!)
-Create a simple animation using FLASH(if we have it) check out the link http://www.classjump.com/s/skinner/documents/flash_cs3_for_beginners.pdf
-use Microsoft Powerpoint to create the Elf preparation animation assignment

? Microsoft Excel

see weebly for more info

introduction videos to excel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8L1OVkw2ZQ8

possible assignment: Create a spreadsheet that lists all of the groceries that you want to buy for the week. Include all prices, the isle number, number of each item that you're buying, the most costly item, the least expensive item, (apply formatting for each one and highlight spreadsheet as follows:
red for costly, green for cheaper, accounting formatting for any monetary values and NOT for isle number etc. Make sure to have a title and the name of the store that you are using. Think ahead...you should be able to tell me what meals you are making with the food items! I will give you a healthy budget of $125 per week. You must use conditional formatting, know how to enter formulas into speadsheet boxes both manually and with autofill features that excel provides. Try to learn shortcuts like function keys and bullets as well as knowing where to find the functions in the pull down menus
Another option would be to create a budget for yourself for the month. If you earned minimum wage for that month at 40 hours a week, designate how you would spend your money on house mortgage/ apartment rental, vehicle, gas, savings, spending money, food, clothes etc. You should include all totals and use conditional formatting to show where you spend the most and least money etc.
When you have completed your spreadsheet then you need to complete a chart/ graph to accompany the information as well. Please make the graph attractive and suitable to your topic. Make sure you can show me that you have used functions such as titles, font sizes/ colors, background image options possibly, centering, etc.
1) Quiz students on how well they know the information that I have seen on the 8 video tutorials on youtube (etc)
2) both the spreadsheet and graph assignments
3) presentations of these to the class
4) peer evaluations based on my rubric I give them ?
5) self evaluation?
charts/ graphs (communicating info)

example of one online found:
very difficult example:
make an assignment about food from this site: (mcdonalds-has all nutritional info) idea- make 3 meals plans and compare on a spreadsheet.
create a class party idea:

sports option? ie- calculate sports results into a chart and calculate averages, high lows, counts of games, assists etc.
this site teaches all about excel: http://www.datapigtechnologies.com/ExcelMain.htm

? Google Sketchup**

see weebly for more info

design a yard site for a location that I provide. Make sure to adhere to codes/ rules as far as distance from edge of property line, avoiding building on city property, avoiding a gas line etc. Best grades to those assignments that work well in the space, well thought out planning and layout, good design, completion etc.
A quiz on the knowledge of the use of the program and a short presentation to the class of your property will also contribute to your grade.

? Digital Photography skills/ techniques and/or and Digital Art

find examples online (youtube)

? Windows Movie Maker
students make a math instructional video or?
use a style like "wikis in plain english" or "stop motion" or

see weebly for more info

An option would be to create a movie called how to get good grades in school, with ideas of what NOT to do as well.

? Game-Maker? (possibly leave this one out)
===see what time allows for at end of year


CDes outline:
html intro
website making using html skills
weebly intro possibly
Powerpoint "animations"
Google sketchup
Game maker

APenn outline:
Graphic Design (Publisher, Paint.net)
Web Design (we have used WIX.com and Powerpoint)
Excel Animation (Powerpoint)
Film making and editing (Animoto)
I would like to use GIMP and possibly Weebly. We also have gotten our hands on Abobe Premier Elements, so we will be able to do more video stuff as well